Thion's work combines some of the value associated with "fine art" (formal precision and austerity) with those often associated with mass culture (speed and directness).
Initially inspired by Keith Haring and the American Pop artists with whom he shared the same interest in popular culture, mass media as well as graffiti-related sign and symbols, his work has evolved into a style that embraces different influences.
Thion started painting primarily with acrylic on large canvases, simple figures, and bright colours with bold dark outlines. He often positions his figures in a three-dimensional environment, emphasising human feelings that arise from lived situations.
Though abstractions of the human form, Thion's figures closely approximate its proportion, permitting the viewer to see him or herself in them.


  Thion at the opening of one of his first exhibitions in Italy
Florence, Italy, 1993

The line in his work at times curves softly and sensually, but it can also be thick and strong. The colours used are usually secondary colours, trying to convey mixed emotions, complex feelings.
Unabashedly decorative, his work makes a meaningful statement: our short lives will be immeasurably richer if we live with both sides of our brains, both mind and heart, both body and soul.


  Three large canvases commissioned by Wally Hollyday Studio, Long Beach, California

Acrylic on canvas, London,2007


  Thion at work in his ACME studio in South East London

Deptford, London 2014

  Thion at his gallery space, in South East London

cueB gallery, London 2017