The beauty that lies within

As the title of the project suggests, Thion plays with the concept of beauty.
Represented here by his own photographs of flowers, Beauty becomes the inner part of the organic forms present in his work, the inner part of ourselves.
Furthermore the diversity in colour and shape that the flowers provide, allows Thion to add to each work a different beauty and "personality" as to describe the multiplicity of our own beauty. Thion is capturing, immortalising a fleeting season, a peak of splendore that will temporary and eventually fade away.



Where are you?
Print on 100% Silk Satin, 160cm x 120cm, London 2019




"Vogue" started as a series of collages made primarily with Vogue magazine's pages. It then developed into a bigger project that included the use of patterned paper as well as solid coloured one.
The size, the subject matter, the shapes, the imagery were dictated by the pages of the magazines leaving Thion free to play and experiment with composition and form.



Sea breeze
Collage on paper, 33cm x 24cm, Italy 2018



The travellers Sketch Book

Those drawings are part studies, part observation of people in their daily commute on London public transports. Adopting a minimalistic approach, Thion is able to capture moments and moods with the use of shapes and forms. Paradoxically, they reveal the sense of solitude and loneliness of our society even in a crowded network.



On a double decker bus
Black marker on paper, 16.5cm x 11cm, London 2018




After Thion experiment with Abstract work in The Rising Sun" project, Thion is using his black and white digital drawings as a starting point for exploration into the semi abstraction.
The image is initially entirely covered with colours, hiding the subject below. By cutting and moving parts of the coloured layer, in a spontaneous and intuitive way, Thion allows the image to come though and be partially revealed to us.



Prison of Love
Giclee print on Fine Art paper, London 2017



The Rising Sun

In the search for a new way to develop his language, Thion takes inspiration from "Sky Ladder" by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang and started a series of abstact works.
Similar to a collage technic he breaks and recompose his colourful drawings creating a new energised composition that keep us engaged with visual clues and japanese key words.



Sky Ladder (Abstraction #1)
Giclee Print on Fine Art paper, London 2017